Kings Quest 1

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1996 Philip M Reynolds

Go west until you see a large rock, MOVE the ROCK then LOOK IN the HOLE and GET the DAGGER then go north to a leaning tree and CLIMB the TREE, GET the golden EGG from the nest then climb down and go north until you see a number of nuts scattered across the ground, GET a WALNUT then OPEN the WALNUT to find a golden nut. Go east and GET the BOWL, EXAMINE the BOWL then go south and TALK TO the ELF, who gives you a ring. Proceed west then south back to the large rock and go west, GET some PEBBLES from the lakes beach then go west to a tree stump. LOOK IN the STUMP and GET the POUCH then OPEN the POUCH to see it's full of diamonds. Continue south then east and into the Woodcutters Hut, SAY FILL to fill the bowl then GIVE the BOWL TO the WOODCUTTER who will now let you take his fiddle, GET the FIDDLE and leave the hut.

Go south to the fairy cake house and try to EAT the HOUSE, KNOCK ON the DOOR (if someone answers go away then come back and try again until no one answers), OPEN the DOOR and go into the witches house. Go into the bedroom and wait until the witch enters and is concentrating on her cauldron, creep up behind here and PUSH the WITCH INTO the POT, OPEN the CABINET and GET the CHEESE then go into the bedroom and GET the NOTE from the bedside cabinet, READ the NOTE then leave the house and go south to the well then east to the castle garden. GET a CARROT then go east to the gate of the goat pen, OPEN the GATE and go into the pen then CLOSE the GATE to stop the goat escaping, SHOW the CARROT TO the GOAT and it will now follow you, OPEN the GATE and leave the pen. Proceed north to a rock bridge crossing the river then cross the bridge, a troll will appear and stop you but the goat (not liking trolls will but the troll into the river clearing the way.

Go west to meet up with a Gnome who will help you if you can tell him his name, SAY NIKSTLITSELPMUR to the Gnome and he will give you some magic beans. Go east to the area covered with flowers and PLANT the BEANS, a giant beanstalk will grow, CLIMB the BEANSTALK then go east to some trees. Continue south then east twice and LOOK IN the HOLE at the base of the tree, GET the SLINGSHOT then go north and west. You can now either hide behind the tree at the top left of the screen or shoot the giant with the slingshot, using the slingshot will not gain as many points as hiding. Move behind the tree as quickly as you can after entering this location or the giant will find you, make sure that you are completely hidden by the tree then wait until the giant gets tired and falls asleep. GET the CHEST then go east and enter the cave, carefully follow the winding wooden walkway through the caves then go out through the door.

Go west twice then south to the well and CLIMB in the BUCKET. It will lower on it's own. Then CUT down the ROPE and GET the BUCKET. DIVE under water then swim down, west and up into a small cave, FILL the BUCKET with water then go west into the Dragons cave. Move west to the second stalagmite, don't go any further or the Dragon will fry you to a crisp, then THROW the WATER at the dragon to douse its flames. The Dragon will leave opening an exit to the west and leaving behind the magic mirror. GET the MIRROR then go west and follow the path up the screen to leave to the west near the top of the screen. Move right from the cave entrance so you are standing just above and to the right of the rock then wait until the condor comes in sight, JUMP up and down until you grab hold of the condor. If you miss the condor adjust your position slightly and wait for the condor to reappear again. The condor will carry you to a small island in the river and drop you by a hole in the ground.

Go west and GET the MUSHROOM then return east and walk into the hole, continue south from the bottom of the hole then go west to the rat ( don't get too close to the rat or it attacks and kills you). GIVE the CHEESE to the rat then go west and PLAY the FIDDLE to stop the guards arresting you. Continue west and all the Leprechauns in the throne room will also eventually disappear. You could also stop the guards arresting you and make the Leprechauns disappear by carrying a four leafed clover, but this gains less points and you won't be able to get the kings sceptre. GET the SCEPTRE and GET the SHIELD then go west and EAT the MUSHROOM to shrink, continue west through the hole and you regain your normal size on the other side. Go south to the lake then east to the clover, GET the CLOVER (to score points) then go south to the lake and west to the Castle Entrance. OPEN the PORTCULLIS then go north to watch the end sequence and complete the game.

Scoring walk through

Moving the Rock (2)(2/158), Getting the Dagger from the hole (5)(7/158), Climbing the Tree (2)(9/158), Getting the Egg from the nest (6)(15/258), Getting a Walnut (3)(18/158), Opening the Walnut (3)(21/158), Getting the Bowl (3)(24/158), Examining the Bowl (1)(25/158), Talking to the Elf (3)(28/158), Getting the Pebbles (1)(29/158), Looking in the Stump (1)(30/158), Getting the Pouch (3)(33/158), Opening the Pouch (3)(36/158), Saying Fill (2)(38/158), Giving the Bowl to the woodcutter (3)(41/158), Getting the Fiddle (3)(44/158), Eating the Witches House (2)(46/158), Pushing the Witch in the Pot (7)(53/158), Opening the Cabinet (2)(55/158), Getting the Cheese (2)(57/158), Getting the Note (1)(58/158), Reading the Note (2)(60/158), Getting the Carrot (2)(62/158), Showing the Carrot to the Goat (5)(67/158), Goat Butting the Troll (4)(71/158), Saying nikstlitselpmur to the Gnome (9)(80/158).

Planting the Beans (2)(82/158), Climbing the Beanstalk (2)(84/158), Getting the Slingshot (2)(86/158), Hiding until the Giant falls asleep (7)(93/158), Getting the Chest (8)(101/158), Cutting the Bucket from well (2)(103/158), Climbing down the Rope (2)(105/158), Diving in the well (4)(109/158), Filling the Bucket (2)(111/158), Entering the Dragons Cave (1)(112/158), Throwing the Water (5)(117/158), Getting the Mirror (8)(125/158), Leaving the Dragons Cave (2)(127/158), Being Carried by the Condor (3)(130/158), Getting the Mushroom (1)(131/158), Giving the Cheese to the Rat (2)(133/158), Playing the Fiddle to get rid of the Leprechauns (3)(136/158), Getting the Sceptre (6)(142/158), Getting the Shield (8)(150/158), Eating the Mushroom (2)(152/158), Leaving the Hall (1)(153/158), Getting the Clover (2)(155/158), Opening the Portcullis (3)(158/158).


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